The Calm

In 1939 as war approached Alister was fifteen. At age 11 he had moved from Furnace School to Lochgilphead School and the plan now was for him to commute to Glasgow High School to continue his education.

For his summer holiday Alister travelled with his sister Connie and his mother May to Aulnoye in Northern France to visit his Uncle Jack. Jack Copeland had married a French girl and settled in France after being wounded in the Great War. They travelled by car and Alister did much of the driving. Though only 15 he was already 6’ 2”.

Alister and Cousin Neta

The photos show an idyllic visit to the French countryside and are very poignant when you know about the storm that was to hit Europe in only a very few months.

Cousin Neta, Sister Connie and Alister in Aulnoy, France 1939

Alister returned to attend Glasgow High School as a fifth former (year 11 as we now count) in 1939. The Second World War started in September 1939 very soon after the school term began and lessons were of course disrupted.
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