Montreal and HX-126 Outbound


Alister arrived in Montreal on 28th April. He did not have the good time he was hinting at in the letter to his sister but he maybe knew that and just did not want to worry his family back home.

On the 29th he was taken into Montreal General Hospital with an acute appendix. According to the Ship's log he was discharged without any explanation on the 2nd May. Alister says that "the Old Man had me out, knowing it was no appendix". Of course the Dorelian was off, it sailed on the 3rd May and the Captain clearly thought it best to take Alister with him.


The Dorelian left Montreal on 3rd May joining convoy HX-126 and leaving Halifax on 9th May 1941 for Glasgow. The captain of the Dorelian Duncan Macqueen, was also the vice Commodore of the convoy.

Alister had returned to duty but he was still ill. On 4th May when they reached Three Rivers he was again taken off duty and treated for cystitis. He spent the next 13 days of the voyage in bed and resumed normal duties on the 17th May, working four hours on and four hours off, this is descibed in the Ship's Log as "light duties".

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