The Elusa

At 03:39 on 21st May Elusa was hit by a stray torpedo. The ship, a tanker carrying gasoline caught fire.

The crew abandoned ship. U-boat net has some narrative about the disembarkation but they do not give a source, it is not taken from any British reports, maybe it is Dutch.   The First Engineer was supposed caught by the fire and four other crew drowned attempting to get into the life boats.

The remaining 49 crew were picked up within half an hour by the Destroyer HMS Burham. The Captain had remained on the ship and was taken off with a line.

During the morning the fire burnt itself out and the senior officers were able to re-board the Elusa but could not power up the engines. The ship was left to drift and it sank some considerable time later.

The Elusa was a Dutch ship and so does not have an entry on the Tower Hill Memorial.

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