The Barnby

One other ship that started out with HX-126 was sunk. After scattering from HX-126 on 20th May 1941 the Barnby did not rejoin the convoy when it reformed later that day. Two days later at 08:40GMT on 22nd May the Barnby was torpedoed and sunk. Two crew member died after the attack.

I have not come across any original documents concerning the Barnby, possibly because there was quite a delay before the survivors reached dry land and so their report may be separated from the rest of the HX-126 reports and I have not read far enough. WarSailors.com reports that the survivors were adrift for 9 days before being rescued, possibly by HMS Aurora. However this destroyer was on a mission which it continued and it was another 9 days before they were landed at Reykjavik.

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